Nick Shevelyov

Nick Shevelyov

Nick is a highly experienced cybersecurity expert with a track record of success in helping clients effectively address cyber risks. He excels in refining and measuring controls and capabilities for cyber risk readiness, using a combination of systems thinking and logistical expertise to assist clients in considering the strategic business outcomes, technology supporting those goals, and the inherent cyber risks in the technology and processes used. He is well-versed in regulatory impact on cyber risks and incorporates considerations of value at risk when making decisions.

Nick helps companies assess their data value, volume, variety, variability, velocity and veracity to understand their data risk and revenue generation opportunities. He uses this approach to help companies identify their most valuable data assets, understand their risk exposures and develop strategies to protect and leverage their data.

Having helped companies of all sizes integrate risk disciplines into their business strategy through the use of probabilistic thinking, root cause analysis techniques and decision-making criteria including success criteria and stop criteria. He has held various senior security and technology roles, including Chief Security Officer, Chief Privacy Officer and Chief Information Officer, where he modernized technology and implemented Agile software delivery and public cloud options.

Currently, Nick offers fractional vCISO/CIO advisory consulting services and is a member of the Board of Directors for the Bay Area CSO Council. He is the author of “Cyber War…and Peace: Building Digital Trust with History as our Guide” and is a sought-after speaker at conferences. He is well-versed in the regulatory landscape and able to effectively integrate regulatory compliance into his clients’ cyber risk management strategies.

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