Building Cyber Intelligence Top Down
Expose Malware-less and Zero-Day Attacks

CyTwist is a Cloud-Based Attacker Behavior Analytics platform
CyTwist is a Cloud-Based Attacker Behavior Analytics platform easily deployable on top of existing SIEM,
Log Management and Data Lake platforms. It’s rooted in extensive ongoing research for modeling attacker behaviors to stop attacks irrespective of IOCs.

CyTwist’s AI Bayesian Networks Expose the Most Advanced Attacks Even when Missing logs for some of the Steps.
With New Automated Thwarting Algorithms & AI-Based Guidance, your analysts enjoy a new SOC experience, lowest false positives & no ML-training. The Hunting Team’s now more strategic with a new, multi-dimensional,
Bird’s Eye view of attacker behavior for continued observation of the attack surface – Never losing sight of the full,
end-to-end attack path.

With CyTwist PRE:COGNITION, Organizations Get Hermetic
IT Damage Prevention
Full Visibility
Bird’s Eye, Holistic view of Real-time Hacker Behavior. Never Review an Out of Context Alert Again – All Attacks Displayed End to End with Full Details.
Empower Analysts
With Detailed Attack Stories and Low False Positives, Your Tier-1 Analysts Do More. Quickly Learn & Improve to Handle Initial Incident Response Independently.
High ROI
Low Investment. No Retraining. No Hardware Investment. Save lots of Time. Enabling Cost-Effective Threat Management.
Easy On-Boarding
Immediate Clarity Using Existing Raw Logs & History. No New Tools Need to be Deployed. No Data Lake Needs to be Duplicated. No Additional Expensive Storage Required. No Change in Analyst Workflows – Yet Tier-1 Analysts Can Now Find and Stop End-to-End Attacks.
Cyber Resilience
Be Resilient to Missing Alerts & Raw Logs Since the Picture You See is Made up of Multiple Attack Steps. One Step Whose Logs Weren’t Collected Doesn’t Break the Chain.
Better Security
Expose More. Analysts Do More Useful, Effective Work Since No Longer Spending Time Chasing False Positives. Happier Team That’s Less Likely to Churn. Boost Organizational Security.
Technology Impact

Stop Attacks, Despite Missing Information.
Be Strategic with a Bird’s Eye view. Get a new, multi-dimensional (m-D) understanding of attacker behavior. Gain insights by continued observation of the m-D aspects of the attack surface. Never lose sight of the full, end-to-end attack path.

CyTwist lets Tier 1, 2 & 3 analysts accurately pinpoint blocking

Aggregate Only a Fraction of the Billions of Events. Focus on Real Attacks.
Prevent damage from APT’s (LOL BIN), third-party, insider threats, advanced ransoms & more. Expose hard-to-distinguish binaries used by internal teams or attackers. Detect hard-to-find internal malicious actions by trusted users.

CyTwist lets Tier 1, 2 & 3 analysts accurately pinpoint blocking

Take Initiative Rather Than Chasing 1000s of Potentially Malicious Actions.
Maximize your hunting team’s potential. Move from reactive IOC verification to true threat-hunting. Try new things. Start hypothesizing about attacks & verifying hypotheses. Use your ideas to expand the defense surface.

CyTwist lets Tier 1, 2 & 3 analysts accurately pinpoint blocking
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